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About US

About US

About Me

Hello, My name is Viren. I own this website. I am a student who starts this website to fulfill his dreams. I am a graduate in Electronics&Communication. Let's talk about my website. 
The Filmy Club domain is registered on 11th April 2020. Men behind this website means I am a good informer when it comes to the entertainment.


This website is a movie review based website. Our website does not encourage Movies Piracy. We are against piracies of movies. Piracy of movies is illegal. You always should watch movies in the theater because every single people worked very hard in that movie and you can not waste their hard work by doing movie piracy.

In our website, you will get true reviews of movies, series. In our team, there is only one person which is me. I love to watch movies. I saw many people search for movie reviews on the internet. So I decided to give them a platform where they can get true movie reviews and much more information related to movies.

You can also join my telegram channel where you can get the latest movie-related updates instantly without any hustle. It will be my honor to have you on my telegram channel. We are also active on Instagram and Twitter where you can follow me to get updated with the latest movie news. The Filmy Club has a Facebook Page on FB where we share our articles.

The Filmy Club website is a lightweight mobile-friendly website that has very high speed in google's page speed checker.
Hope you all will love my posts. Always be with me and Always support me.
I am a hungry boy of your love.
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